On having graduated from the Drama institute (Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, LGITMiK) in 1979, Andrei Krasko worked in Tomsk TYuZ (Theater of Young Spectators) for almost two seasons. During the time, the young man had acted in nine plays, of which he himself later named five, probably, those better stuck in his memory:

    1979-1981 Shoo, Grim Reaper, Shoo! (play by Saulius Šaltenis, directors A. Nasibulin, A. Krasko) — Andrius Šatas and Kaminskas

    1979-1981 A Man of Seventeen Years (play by Ignaty Dvoretsky)

    1979-1981 Robin HoodRobin Hood

    1979-1981 Blue Horses on Red Grass (play by Mikhail Shatrov) — Yarmatov

    1979-1981 And yet... it moves (play by Aleksandr Khmelik) — Petrov

The Leningrad theater named after Leninsky Komsomol was where Krasko worked in early 80s before and after serving in the army:

    Roman and Yulka (after novelette by Galina Shcherbakova) — Roman

    1982 Kukaracha (play by Nodar Dumbadze, director Gennady Oporkov) see photo (15 kB) district militia officer Kukaracha

    If Lopotukhin is to be Believed, or And yet... it moves (play by Aleksandr Khmelik) — Lopotukhin

But arrival of a new director to the theater left Andrei out of job.

Having failed to get fixed up in a job in Leningrad, Krasko left for the provinces and spent a season working in the theater of Dimitrovgrad, a town in the Ulyanov region. There he had done, by his own words, an "inconceivable number of parts", but recollected only the work in play Truffaldino, or Love for One Orange.

After a long break, Andrei Krasko renewed his work at the theater. But this time it was with a private troupe rather than as a member of a repertory theater company:

    1999 Dog Waltz (play by Leonid Andreyev, theater "Comedian's haven", director Pyotr Sherishevsky) see photo (53 kB) Feklusha

    2001 Moscow-Petushki (play by Venedikt Yerofeyev, theater "Comedian's haven", director Georgy Vasiliev) see photo (38 kB) Venichka see clip (2.26 MB in AVI format)

    2001 Andorra (play by Max Frisch, Komissarzhevskaya theater, director Valery Grishko) see photo (74 kB) soldier

    2001 Tarelkin's Death (play by Aleksandr Sukhovo-Kobylin, producer center "Brother", director Yuri Butusov) see photo (37 kB) Tarelkin. For more details, refer to the center's site.

Andrei's last dramatic work was see photo (20 kB) Adamchik in New Russian Fellows, or Men by the Hour (play by Viktor Merezhko, private company production, director Andrei Krasko), which premiered in late 2005.

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